Thursday, February 04, 2010

Yesterday was a Marathon

Yesterday was a marathon
Woke up with a sick baby and once I had her squared away it was time to go to the inspection.
Inspection went well. Of course there are issues that need to be resolved by the lawyers but, the house felt like home so that was good.
Got home after the inspection in time to feed the baby and put her to bed and then it was time to go to Lombard (an hour drive) to pick up a crib Pam found on Craigslist. Lily is having trouble sleeping in her pack-and-play (who could blame her) so we need to get a cheap crib.
Got back with the crib late, went to bed and then got woken up by Lily a few times in the night. She still has a cold and can't get comfortable in the pack-and-play...

Up for work this morning and feeling like I ran a marathon last night.
Coffee is kicking and dinner tonight at Pam's mom (meatloaf) so I should have a good day today.

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