Friday, February 05, 2010

Stress levels at an all time high last night

Stress levels at an all time high last night.
I'm not going to go over it all again here but, the short story is we had a huge falling out with our Real Estate agent last night. She thinks I'm over reacting and I think she over stepped her role in speaking to the sellers agent about what we want in regards to the inspection. Loud phone conversation last night. At the same time we are not getting the service we want from the attorney she recommended. At this stage it would be difficult to get a new attorney and to be honest we are at our wits end and can't really deal with the situation.

Lily didn't sleep well last night even in her new crib which means Pam didn't sleep either and she's completely overwhelmed with too much to do and no sleep.

So, today I am trying to keep calm, count my blessings and move on.
I'll also take over parenting duties this weekend to give Pam a break.

Pretty picture posted above and need to read a little Buddhist philosophy this morning to reset my brain.

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