Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning. Well I hope it's a good morning. Another rainy grey day is about to begin. I slept for 11 hours last night. So tired these days. Work is crazy and I haven't had a break since I don't know when. Yeah I took a "vacation" but, that was work. Spend the entire time unpacking and setting up the house. Since then it's just been a marathon of work, work, work. Both at the office and at home with no end in sight. Not really complaining just trying to explain why I slept for 11 hours.

I got home last night from work. Made dinner for Lily, played with her, had my dinner and while Pam put Lily to bed I went into the bedroom to lay down and intended to read my new book. Come and Gone. I didn't even open it. I thought let me just lay down and relax for a minute and then I'll read. Pam came in for a minute to talk and change into some comfy clothes. I thought I will lay here a minute more and then I'll read. No reading I just decided to sleep. I slept until around 10pm got up and got out of my work clothes and into my pj's and then slept until morning.

Finally feeling rested. Sometimes you just need to listen to your body and when your body says "time to sleep", sleep.

Okay time for the working. Talk at you later.

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