Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Could this be the end of my Blogger Blog?

It's apparent from the content of recent posts and lack of any personal posts in some time that I have fallen out of love with my blogger blog. It's not me. I'm still the same. I'm taking pictures everyday, I'm online everyday, I'm posting everyday, I still have nothing to say BUT, the blogger app just hasn't kept up with me. Neither have my mobile phones.

The problems started when blogger's email to post functionality became unpredictable. Emailing a post only to have it lost in the ether is frustrating and when it happens you don't want to post it again. The moment is lost.

At the same time my new mobile phones have not been up to the task of writing posts. The sidekick which I started with blog with was the perfect machine for blogging. It has a nice size keyboard with just the right feel. Since then I have gone thru 2 Android phones and my current phone using a touch screen keyboard which is fine for short messages but which is not so much fun for longer posts. Yes I swype but to continually need to select the word I just swyped really kills the flow.

I had hoped with the Android Market I would find a blogger app to help me with my loss of love for blogger and an app is now finally available. However, the way it treats images is awful. It shrinks them and they are not clickable and there are other issues. I'm also stuck with the touch screen keyboard.

To add to the lacking need for my blog there is now facebook, twitter, wordpress and any number of other outlets where I post my nonsense making the blogger blog less important. It has become more of a dinosaur. This blog was created in a pre-social media world... hmmmm

What to do with this site. what to do?
To be honest I don't know. I would like to migrate it to wordpress where I can host it and use the Wordpress app for Android to keep it current however, the videos will be lost and maybe some images.

There is a new sidekick on the market now so I might check that out but, for now this site is UNDER CONSIDERATION...

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