Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Geek's Guide to Rebooting Your Kitchen

Making your kitchen more efficient isn't that different from hacking your workday—decide what you actually do, and trim the resistance to doing it. Here's how you can upgrade your kitchen with a pen, a few hours, and fairly cheap upgrades.

To be honest, the heart of my own kitchen's recent reboot was not cheap—it was a total gut and remodel, with contractors and drywall and all that fun stuff. Putting the root-level changes aside, it was also a chance to empty out our cabinets and drawers, pack up all the dry goods and spices, and rethink where we wanted everything to go. You can do this, too: piece by piece, or, you know, you can jam it all into four hours of French-press-fueled mania on a Saturday night, as shown in the clip above. Your call.

Armed with a copy of Cooking for Geeks (specifically its chapter on "Organize Your Kitchen Like a Programmer") and a bunch of advice from foodie friends and design blogs, here's how I was able to improve by moving things around, buying cheap after-market upgrades, or scribbling with a dry-erase pen.

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