Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feeling funny last night

Okay so my picture never made it up with is typical of blogger these days but, it's not the important I guess.

So, some of you may know I started a new diet/way of eating/ and it's about cutting carbs to as low as I can and eating less. Sounds tasty right. Well not really.

Anyway after almost two weeks of eating like this (with some success in terms of weight loss and energy levels) I felt weird. My ears got really hot and I just felt strange. I didn't want to stand up and I didn't want to lay down. My thoughts were cloudy and something was just wrong. My assumption is I am not eating enough and at the same time my body is learning to run on ketone rather than glucose.

Solution: Eat more and add back a few "good" carbs to offset this feeling and take it slow. I am having success and there is no need to rush this. I need to find a way of eating that works in the long term.

Feeling better now.
Back to work.

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