Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Hackers have waged war on banks that target WikiLeaks

Yesterday we reported that the Swiss bank PostFinance froze WikiLeaks account which held 31,000 euros for Julian Assange's defense fund.
A few hours later the bank's website crashed as a result of an attack by hackers that go by the name of Anon_Operation on Twitter.

They have been running "Operation: Payback" which they say is an ongoing campaign by [them] against major anti-piracy groups.

The cyber war is now definitely on as PostFinance is back up an running but the hackers' site The AnonOps.net is currently down due to heavy DDoS attacks.
The hackers are also targeting MasterCard and PayPal - both companies have severed their ties with WikiLeaks and frozen their assets.

Above is a video uploaded by the hacker collective on their YouTube channel.

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