Friday, September 10, 2010

No Waffles

So had a bitter sweet moment this morning.

In the mornings I normally spend a little time with my daughter Lily at the kitchen table when she has her breakfast. Today was no different. Lily told me to sit next to her. "Daddy sit". We sat together she was eating waffles and I had my coffee.

When it came time for me to leave for work I got up and put my bag over my shoulder. This being the signal to Lily I am leaving. "Daddy bag down" she said.

I gave her a kiss and told her I had to go to work. I have to make money to buy waffles.

She pushes her waffles away and says "Don't want waffles" and begins to cry.

As I'm leaving she is whining saying "Daddy, no waffles"

Don't worry Lily I'll be home soon and we will have fun on the weekend.


Kat said...

Years of therapy. :)

That picture is PRECIOUS!! Pure delight and joy with a touch of mischief.

Don't worry she'll have waffles and daddy too. :)

mike said...

Aw... so sweet. Eloise has accepted that we must go to work "to pay money to the house." She probably thinks we stick it in a secret compartment somewhere.