Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My old laptop was toast

My old laptop was toast. A frustrating and expensive paperweight. Then I decided to give Linux another chance. I used redhat and debian years ago, like 7+ years ago, and although they are great OS for servers I hated them for the desktop. It was like the different distro were fighting with each other similar to the brower wars. I ended up with slackware on a floppy for emergencies.....

Now all that has changed or so I'm told and my laptop was toasted anyway so I installed Linux tonight and bingo. So far so good. I will just be using my laptop for the basics so I think this might just work out.

Later kids, I got me some packages to download and install

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mike said...

Ubuntu Linux is great on the desktop. So much free software . . . automatic updates . . . easy, intuitive . . . good choice!