Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings Today

Severe  Thunderstorm Warnings Today. Possible Hail and Threat of Tornado!
I couldn't sleep this morning. Might be the weather. So, I was up early and got an earful from news radio about the storms headed my way today. Worst storms are north of me and heading south.

Turns out being up early was a good thing. I was able to leave my house just as the rain began and drove out of the storm on my way to work. Storm looks to be hitting my house now and is on it's way to my office.

Warning for the 1st storm are until 10am this morning and all day we are going to get thunderstorms with high winds. High today is a muggy 93 (heat index 103).

Hopefully, it will all be over by the time I leave work.

Below are 2 pictures I took from the parking garage at work. It wasn't even raining here when I parked but, I can hear the thunder outside my window now.

First picture

Second Picture (you can see the sky is getting darker in just the few seconds it took to take a second pic)

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