Sunday, June 06, 2010


Went on a bike ride today. Not too far, only about 20 miles. However, today I headed north. Roads were much nicer with less traffic and I saw a lot of open spaces. Parks, nature preserves, farm and horses. Lots of horses.

This is just one of the horse farms I passed on my ride. There were some that let you sign up and ride so, when Lily is older she'll get to ride horses.

Weather was nice and I was going to ride a little more but, the wind was kicking my butt. Cross winds or head winds the entire ride except for the shortest leg of my loop. Still all in all it was a nice day for a ride and I"m glad I got out there. I did make it to Libertyville, IL. I think trying to make it to the city is a mistake. I'm going to concentrate on exploring the north on into Wisconsin.

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