Monday, May 03, 2010

Vacation list Results


First day back to work after my Vacation. My commute is now only 20 minutes. Got here really early. My old commute was 50 minutes + on residential streets with stop lights and tons of traffic. My new commute is highway all the way. Pretty sweet.

My inbox was beyond full. Took me hours to clean it out and of course I had meetings and other work that needed to be done. 

Oh and I ripped my pants early in the day. Seam on the side of my right leg ripped out. I stapled it back together. What fun.

Anyway now that I'm back at work let's see how I did on my "vacation"

Vacation list Results:
  • Eat ruben sandwiches for lunch everyday (only missed 2 days)
  • Eat lots of comfort food for dinner (not so much)
  • Ride my beautiful Italian Road Bike (still haven't built it)
  • Buy a basketball (my new house comes with a hoop)
  • Take pictures (boat tour pictures here)
  • Sleep in late (everyday)
  • Set up workout stuff and get started (haven't started yet)
  • Go into the city to see something cool
  • Do nothing for an entire day (didn't happen too much house stuff to do)
  • Snapshotriot (not one line of code)
  • Send books out to friends (sent today)
  • Explore Deerfield (hardware store mostly)
  • Take lily on a bike ride (bought child seat and rode with her once, train bike)
  • Spend some time in Secondlife (never happened)

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