Sunday, May 30, 2010

Search for Sheridan Road

First bike ride from my new house. My ride was more of a search/recon mission more than a ride. Needed to figure out how to get to the lake over the highway. As you can see from above it wasn't so straight forward. There were also some unexpected dangers that had to be dealt with.

Below are some images for the ride.

As you can see I found Sheridan Road

It was a few miles over this bridge. My only way over the highway which you can see is about to close. At first I was like WTF!! no way!!! Then I read the message again. M-F. So, if they are telling the truth my weekends are still cool.

Found one of the many bike paths while on my search. It wasn't pretty and there wasn't much to see but it was nice to ride without cars. The only problem is it didn't take me any closer to my goal. It actually took my away from my destination. Notice the middle red line in the map above that goes nowhere...

The path was also where I found out just how dangerous red wind blackbirds truly are. They weren't kidding either. The birds left the bikers alone for the most part but the joggers and walkers were getting dive-bombed...

Next time I ride I am going to head north rather then east. No need to cross any highways and hopefully no blood thirsty birds.

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