Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy morning and now no coffee

Busy morning. Pam drove me to work this morning so she could have the car to go grocery shopping. Sounds simple enough until you realize you have to bring Lily straight from her crib to the car. Well we did change her diaper and read her a book and I feed her a banana in the car. Still she can be grumpy and unruly in the morning, like most of us.

So, we successfully get her ready to go, packed up in the car and drive thru morning traffic. She was a good girl the entire way.

I get in to the building and as part of my morning routine I get coffee before going upstairs to my cube.

And then it happened.


Hopefully, this is not a omen of things to come.

Okay they are making a new pot of coffee. Just need to be patient... phone dying... save as draft.... publish from desktop... n

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