Friday, May 28, 2010

3 day weekend is about to begin!

3 day weekend is about to begin!

Weather is looking good for sat and sun (mon rain)
Hoping to be able to really enjoy the time off.

Tomorrow we get a baby free afternoon thanks to Pam's mom. Heading into the city (Chicago) for the day.

Sunday I get a baby free morning so I can ride my bike (finally). Not sure how I will spend the rest of the day.

Monday I think will be spent inside so I can finish unpacking my stuff in the basement.

Other news:
Back porch is almost done. It's all painted and most of the screens are up. Will be done Monday

Front porch is almost done as well. One more coat of paint then it has to dry for 2 days.

Lily saw the doc yesterday
She is 95% height
She is 95% weight
The size of her head is also in the 95%
Basically she is an amazon.
Also they said she is WAY ahead in language. Kids her age normally know about 8 words. Lily can say at least 50 words and understands more than she can say. She has used sign language before she could even sit up and lately she has even said (short) sentences.

She is a genius amazon ninja...

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nickporjr said...

i hope she will be our first female president