Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday - Last day of work before my "Vacation"

Friday - Last day of work before my "Vacation".
I am feeling somewhat out of sorts. I think it's the long week catching up with me. That and the fact that I need to wrap up work and you always get that feeling that you have forgotten something.

So where will I be going on vacation? Deerfield,IL. My new house. Movers will be bringing our stuff from NY on Monday or Tuesday. They will confirm the date today.Painters should be done today and the carpet cleaners are showing up at 8am.

What will I be doing on my vacation? Well there is the unpacking. Dealing with the plumber (our upstairs bathroom is unusable and the hot water pipes need to be replaced). Dealing with the bug guy (we have a serious bee and wasp problem). Then there are all the loose ends in setting up a new house (that's a long list). I am also hoping to get in a bike ride or two and want to spend an entire day sleeping.

Some of the other items on my vacation list are as follows:
  • Eat ruben sandwiches for lunch everyday
  • Eat lots of comfort food for dinner
  • Ride my bike
  • Buy a basketball (my new house comes with a hoop)
  • Take pictures
  • Sleep in late (everyday)
  • Set up workout stuff and get started (man, this move put on the weight)
  • Go into the city to see something cool
  • Do nothing for an entire day
  • Snapshotriot (I need to launch this site already)
  • Send books out to friends (should show up on the 29th)
  • Explore Deerfield
  • Take lily on a bike ride (still need to buy child seat)
  • Spend some time in Secondlife (for fun and for work presentation)

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