Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend is over and I'm exhausted!

Weekend is over and I'm exhausted!
I am completely wiped out from a busy week and an even busier weekend. My back is killing me from lifting and carrying Lily this weekend. We were on the go everyday.

Baby Lily crying now. (sigh)
Pam can't sleep thru baby crying but, I can.
She didn't do this when Pam was gone. Well she did it one night but, I never went in and after that she didn't do it again. Man she is really screaming but, then she stops, listens for a response, and then screams again. I'm pretty sure she's fine.

I hope this week goes easy on me. I need it.
Thinking I should take a personal day soon just to relax and do nothing.

Time to sleep now. Have to get up early for work tomorrow. It's snowing/sleeting now so I will need some extra time in the morning to clean off the car and might need some extra drive time depeding on roads.

Really wish I had an extra day off this week instead of last week.

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